Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ready for Resort Season 2014 - Swimwear Overview

October officially starts the "resort" season in fashion. Primarily geared to those lucky enough to travel to warmer weather over the holiday season, resort clothing usually consists of pre-Spring or transitional clothing. In addition, you'll find the that major swimsuit designers ship their first 2014 collections. The clothing shipped during this time frame often gives a glimpse to what's coming in Spring and Summer of the following year.

So what are the key swimwear trends for Resort 2014?

Cut-Away Swimwear - We've seen this already in 2013 and the trend continues. We'll see not just touches of cut-away but entire swimsuits of cut-away and overlap details.

Rash Guard Tops/Short Bottoms - The women's swimwear industry has been gradually moving toward this trend for a year or two, first with shorts and now with tops. Everyone knows a bikini can be tough when actually swimming and these are great options for sun protection and a more active lifestyle.

Crochet - Another trend that continues from 2013. We'll be seeing crochet on bathing suits (especially the top) and on cover ups. Keep an eye out for more shorts and long pant cover ups vs the tunic silhouette.

Black and White - Who doesn't love black and white together? It always looks fresh and overcomes the issues with an all white swimsuit.

Corsets - Yes women, corsets. The good thing about this trend is that corsets although uncomfortable, often help to create a flattering shape. I guess that's why they exist.

In addition, we'll be seeing other trends continue such as animal prints, ruffles, mesh, and high waisted bottoms.

As always, forecasting trends can be tricky for designers. Time will tell which of the trends above above the consumer will choose.

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