Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Prettiest Wedding Sarong Ever!

Finding a sarong or pareo suitable for a wedding can be tricky. A bride wants to feel pretty even though the wedding may be in a casual beach setting. This long ruffle sarong just in for 2013 Preview is so amazing, it's perfect for a wedding ceremony. We also like it for the honeymoon!
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Must Have Mesh!

A key trend like mesh crosses over from sportswear into swimwear. Just a walk through Macy's and you'll see mesh in tops, skirts, and dresses.
A mesh sarong is "sassy" because it shows a little more skin and allows your swimsuit to be a feature. Our mesh is made of a nylon/spandex blend that has a little stretch and can get wet and will dry in minutes.

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ladies - Do Not Wear Your Dress into the Pool!


So I am in Las Vegas to meet a college friend and we decided to go to the pool at the Cosomolitan hotel. We were sitting around talking and everyone is noticing this woman standing in the pool a hot pink DRESS on. There was no mistaking it, it was a DRESS not a cover up. The cotton fabric was so heavy when it got wet, she had to hold it up while she moved around. Now, I completely understand the desire to cover "things" up a bit but by trying to cover up everything, she actually made everyone notice her more.....a lot more. If I only had a sarong to give her!
If you are wondering which sarong I wore, it was this one.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sarong Fabrics - An Overview

Sarongs can come in a wide variety of fabrics each with it's own features and "look". Let's examine the top 5 fabric choices for a sarong.

Polyester Sarongs aka Georgette,Chiffon,and Terivoile

A large portion of sarongs are made out of polyester because of it's lightweight, flowing qualities and wrinkle resistance. For some, polyester can have a negative image but sarongs made of this fabric are quite beautiful and glamorous. Polyester takes print and color well making even the most intricate printed sarongs look fabulous. Polyester is also quick drying; it only take a few minutes for your sarong to dry once wet and there are never concerns about your sarong "bleeding" into your swimsuit. Polyester sarongs are machine/hand washable. Polyester sarongs come in wide range of colors and styles making this a great choice.

Cotton Sarongs

Cotton is also another popular fabric for sarongs. Cotton sarongs tend to be more casual and come in both a traditional rectangular style and the more modern sarong with the built in tie. This fabric can take on many looks, it can can be smooth or crinkled (gauze). Cotton sarongs come in solid colors or can be printed. Key benefits of a cotton sarong are comfort, durability, quick drying, and also light weight. A cotton is machine/hand washable but does not offer as much wrinkle resistance as some of the other fabrics.

Mesh Sarongs

Mesh sarongs are made out of a blend of polyester and Lycra. The fabric consists of hundreds of small open circles woven into each other. This allows for a transparent effect that allows a swimsuit to show underneath. The Lyra blend gives a mesh sarong some "give" or stretch. Like polyester, mesh is very lightweight, takes color and print with vibrancy, and is quick drying. This machine washable fabric is extremely durable, you can even go in the water wearing a mesh sarong. If you are looking for a sarongs that allows your swimsuit to be a feature, a mesh sarong is a great choice.

Silk Sarongs

Silk is still a popular fabric for sarongs because of it's luxurious feel. This fabric feels extremely soft and smooth to the touch. Silk is also a solid fabric offering the wearer 100% coverage, a silk sarong cannot be seen through. Like other sarongs, silk can be either solid or printed. The biggest drawback to this fabric is it's care and durability. Some silk sarongs are dry clean only and you'll have to be cautious about getting too much water on the fabric, it could stain.

Rayon Sarongs

Rayon is a natural fiber made out of cellulose and is very close to cotton. Rayon sarongs are very popular because the fabric is soft,smooth,and comfortable. Like cotton,rayon sarongs are also more casual in appearance often having fringe. Many rayon sarongs are hand made with designs that are painted or batik but also come solid. Rayon is durable but can shrink or crinkle with washing making most rayon sarongs dry clean only.

Of course, you may find a sarong in another fabric however, these top five represent over 75% of the apparel market.

Want more info on sarongs, instructions on how to tie a sarong, browse photos of celebrities wearing sarongs or to purchase sarongs head on over to

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sarongs are a perfect choice for beauty pageants

Almost every beauty pageant has a swimwear competition and sarongs are the perfect choice to add flair to your overall look. Sarongs add an additional touch of glamour and movement to any swimsuit.

When walking the runway, competitors can choose to have their sarong already tied as the models in the Miss America pageant (shown above) or sarongs with built in ties can be held and tied during the showcase. It depends on the competition and the model.

A sarong has many looks - conservative, sexy, fashion forward, fun... it depends on the style, color, and fabric chosen. That's what makes this accessory a must have - it helps the model to get her "message" across to the judges.

We are proud to say that many beauty contestants have chosen Sassy Sarongs for their swimsuit competition.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Swimwear Fashion Trend - Crochet Sarongs Sparkle for 2012!

This summer season we'll be seeing crochet all across the swimwear cover up category. Crochet is an updated alternative to mesh which has been extremely popular.

What makes this crochet sarong so fun is that it has touches of metallic gold sparkle running through the fabric. It is sure to shine in the sunlight!

This sarong is sophisticated, perfect for every day use but is special enough for a honeymoon or pageant.
This crochet sarong comes in three colors - gold, natural, and silver.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ombre is a fashion trend for Swimwear 2012

This year will prove to be the most exciting swimwear season yet. There are so many fresh new fashion trends emerging and one especially exciting is OMBRE! What is ombre you ask? It's a special dye technique (similar to tye dye but more sophisticated) where the colors blend into one another to create a unique color effect. These Italian ombre sarongs are very special and hard to find, so far Sassy Sarongs is the only online retailer carrying them! These pareos are great because they can work back to almost any swimsuit in print or solid and take your "look" to the next level. Our site will carry 5 different ombre pareos all season black /white, navy / purple, fuschia / caramel, fuschia / turquoise, and turquoise/caramel. Check our our ombre pareo assortment here